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    How true is this?

    Don't twist me and I won't you

    Don't fuck with feelings

    he convinced her to jump promising that he'd catch her, but as soon as she started to fall he was already turning around -S.B.

    The Girl.


    Breakup quote. So true. So happy I've learned from this and moved on to something worth my time and effort


    So true...

    Don't make a girl fall for you if you don't have the intention of catching her..... Please Guys let us know where you stand, do you simply just want chat & converse? Are you interested in being simply friends? or are looking to date us? Why do Guys have to be so confusing!

    True Quote

    You don't need a guy to make you feel better about yourself or be happy no you can do that all yourself

    amen sister

    so true!

    its true :)



    Sad but true