Great towel

Beach towel.

having a ball #summer #beach

yes please. A vacation is needed.

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Pineapple Beach Towel! Back Me Up Charging Cord


This embossed Chloé satchel is simply beautiful.

It's more than a bag, much more than a towel... our Festival Bag Towel is a high quality backpack with a stylish Turkish towel sewn up inside. The zipper pocket can even fit a full 13" Macbook. And to top it all off, we donate 10% of net proceeds to preserve marine life!

Love love love fancy flowing dresses and bare feet at the beach. So hot!!

@Winston Flynn White Bonnie Dress

Pink Beach Chair

Beach Riot Golden Coconut Swimsuit & Shine Bright Swimsuit #NastyGal

summer!! #beach #girl ~ Summer Spirit ~ #Fashion ~~ LOVE it

Me + You Birthday Stone Rings. Would love one with mine and Emma's

You can never have too many dresses.

Kate Spade coffee travel mug. #giftideas

umbrella life