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Into the Heart of Borneo: An Account of a Journey Made In 1983 to the Mountains of Batu Tiban with Ja by Redmond O'Hanlon,

The Accidental Adventurer by Ben Fogle,

Joe Rogan on float therapy. Floating, float tanks, sensory deprivation, float therapy, Los Angeles float center, relaxation, yoga, yogi.

Summertime: Fiction - “Not since Disgrace, has he written with such urgency and feeling.” -The New Yorker Nobel Prize-winning author J. M. Coetzee’s new book follows a young biographer as he works on a book about the late writer, John Coetzee. The biographer embarks on a series of interviews with... -

Sensory Deprivation Tanks Find New Converts

Lying naked in a small pod filled with 1,000 pounds of Epsom salt and water? Float tanks are having a moment.