Change is hard. But can be good.

I miss my best friend today. Not because I've had a bad day and want someone to talk to or need something from her. Just because. Physically we're close, but mentally we're miles apart. I hope she's ok. I know this month was supposed to be hard for her and I've been thinking about her. I hope to one day be close with her again but for now I know I need to give her space.


At the time it doesnt feel like it but in time you see :)

i feel very lucky for this exact reason

All great changes are preceded by chaos

Stop being afraid of what could go wrong...

Change the world

The Best Is Yet To Come #quote


Adventure and growth begin where my comfort zone ends. If your life is changing - no matter how hard it is or what you leave behind, or what mistakes you've made - anticipate with great joy what God has planned for you. A new season in life is an awesome opportunity for you to grow in the Lord!



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Don't be too hard on yourself. You trusted someone that didn't deserve your trust and loved someone that didn't return your love. That doesn't make you stupid or weak. That makes you someone who believes in the goodness of people and has faith in humanity which are really good qualities. So, remember to love yourself, take care of yourself and know that the right person is looking for you. Really!

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One of my personal mottos

Inspirational one...

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