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KUBA, NGEENDE DANCE SKIRT 1, 16' 8" x 23" Kuba skirts, Tcaka, long are cloths made from raffia, from 8 - 25 feet long, from the...

KUBA, TEXTILES Barkcloth, República Democrática del Congo Estas envolturas especiales fueron usados ​​afuera, o en la parte superior de los vestidos de baile largos para la decoración añadida y prestigio. La zona central es la tela de corteza, hecho por golpear a una capa de debajo de la corteza de los árboles hasta que sea delgado y flexible. Números 1-11 están pintadas en general Kuba patrones geométricos abstractos, similares a los de sus trajes de baile Barkcloth.

Africa | Ceremonial wrapper Kuba people, DR of Congo | Ceremonial wrapper | Raffia palm fiber, pigment, W. 28 3/4 x L. 238 in ( new textile appliqué)

Africa | Kuba Shoowa cut-pile Textiles, DR Congo. Kuba people traded them as currency and they were the standard by which a family's wealth and status were judged. These raffia cut-pile cloths, woven by men, were embroidered by women with no stitching visible on the back. Highly prized for their complex patterns, they are further embellished with tight tufting, leading to the nickname "Kasai velvet". They were sewn together for ceremonial dress and covered royal stools.

Kuba Cloth. Using the leaf of the raffia tree, the Kuba people of the Congo first hand cut, and then weave the strips of leaf to make pieces of fabric, often called raffia cloth.

Africa | Kuba Bark Cloth. DR Congo Maybe take off white canvas and paint mudcloth designs on it?

Kuba skirt - bark cloth incorporated 20.5”W x 9’L - courtesy of Hamill Gallery  Kuba skirts, more generally known as Kuba cloth, are identified as the long raffia textiles embellished with embroidery and appliqué made in the  Congo (Democratic Republic) of Central Africa.

Kuba Cloth (Bark cloth) from Democratic Republic of Congo. Hamill Gallery. via Art Propelled

Kasai velvet ( Kuba cloth) is made in Africa, Congo,from the fiber of the raffia palm. It is woven by the man and decorated by the women. Beautiful geometric patterns with raised cut pile that looks like velvet.