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Like shootin' fish in a barrel.

A funny kitty picture of a sniper kitten. A cat holding a rifle while saying all dogs beware in this pet humor pic and felines gag photo.

New Dossa

A funny animated GIF showing three cute little kittens that are trying to catch a shadow that their owner is making on the wall.

That's NOT how you do downward facing dog!

Funny pictures about Moon Moon Is On a Mission. Oh, and cool pics about Moon Moon Is On a Mission. Also, Moon Moon Is On a Mission photos.

Why you cannot fake the pinterest photos...

So Very Very true! OK. the pumpkin pictures may have had me laughing hysterically. Poor little kids.

Es muy común que cada vez que le cuento a la gente que tengo 2 gatitas como mascotas, respondan de una forma muy contundente con la frase: “No me gustan los gatos”. Bueno, tal vez eso sea porque nunca han tenido uno, pues un gato jamás se comporta igual con personas extrañas que con su papá o …

26 Razones por las que los GATOS son los amos de Internet.

Funny Cats helping to clean the house! Adorable and Hilarious gifs of cats loving the vacuum cleaner, washing the dish and mops!

[클량] 어쩌라구.jpg

Say What Now Listen, I don’t know nothin’ about nothin’. I’m serious, I really have no idea what you’re talking.

모노레일 고양이들 | Daum 루리웹

Funny pictures about Monorail Cats. Oh, and cool pics about Monorail Cats. Also, Monorail Cats.

Funny animals -- I totally read this in a British accent.

Squirrel: I'm sorry to bother you but the bird feeder is empty. (A squirrel, my mother named Petey, once got on the porch railing and rang the doorbell because he wanted some peanuts!) Now I call all squirrels, "Petey"


Rescue Cat to the Rescue - A cat crawling into a shower with some guy, Quick take my paws, ill pull you out in this funny picture,.