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  • Cindy Marks

    Activity Mom found this money activity to help kids understand coin value. I'm not sure who created it? If you know, give a shout out! Kids add up coins to reach one dollar in this math game, great for visual learners. Click to download! Love this!!! ~~ Link no longer valid. But neat idea to remember, nonetheless

  • Ashley Shupe

    another money learning activity

  • Maura Tuohy

    Happy Hearts At Home: Money Worksheets for Visual Learners.

  • Marley Baum

    NEAT idea for teaching money!

  • Christina Renteria

    I love ALL these math lessons!

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Free downloads of little booklets for each coin.

Photos of money - kids can study U.S. currency and discover which presidents are depicted on which bills.

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money sort.find the snack divider at dollar store---could use this idea to sort all kinds of things...cereal, buttons, beans!

These math games are designed to be used with one game board. Students practice math skills with different game cards. Each game has a direction card (student friendly) and set of cards. I print and laminate the game boards and cards for durability. I have included printer friendly game boards and cards for the color ink deprived . If you have to print everything in black and white like I do, you will appreciate these!

Fractions of a dollar. Relating fractions ( and equivalent fractions, example, quarter) to money which is familiar.

Coin Top-It Game for dimes, nickels, and pennies! Freebie!

FREE! This is a number comparison game where kindergarteners can practice the concepts of greater than, less than, and equal to. Younger students can use the cards to play a number matching game, working on number identification.

FREE! Thank you. Money I have, who has