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Pot Head

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LoVe...very creative

Succulent Hair

Medusa Succulent

Succulent Statue

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Head Planters Diy

Planters Ideas

Doll Head Planter

manequin head planter

Garden Head

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Nice head of hair!

The WHOotfrom The WHOot

How To Make Cement Hand Planters For Your Garden

Planter Wonerfuldiy

Gardening Planter

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Hands Planter

Jeans Planter

Container Gardening


Planter Handy

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Old Dolls

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Cut the back half of the doll's head off and fill with cement for an sculptured doll head for your garden.

Succulents Garden

Succulent Art

Amazing Succulent

Simply Succulents

Succulents Ideas

Hen And Chicks Succulent

Chicks Garden

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Succulent Beauty

So awesome.

Container Gardening

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Cornwall England

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Heligan Cornwall

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Sleeping Giant

Heligan Gardens

Sleeping Beauty


Floating Vertical

Plant Vertical

Floating Garden

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Floating Air

Vertical Gardening Wall

Whimsical Floating

Whimsical Feature

Floating Tillandsia

Amazing airplants. what an unusual idea. those plants grow on light cables on the street in south brazil.

How To Make A Mold Of Your Hand

How To Make Concrete Hands

Make Your Own Rocks

Diy Cement Hands

Diy Cement Molds

Cement Hands Planter

Make Your Own Fountain

How To Make A Garden

Patio Cement

How To Make Your Own Hand Planters If your tastes tend toward the unusual, these hands will appeal. Relax! These are ‘armless hypertufa hands :) Does your garden need one of these helping hypertufa hands?

Container Gardening

Gardening Ideas

Upcycled Container

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Gardening Heads

Head planters- Stoneface Creations

Plant Wine

Cork Plant

Air Plants Diy

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Boho Plant

Tillandsias Grow

Air Plant Cork Sculpture

Stone Sculpture Garden

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Rock Walls Garden

Garden Wall Art

Add an element of surprise in your garden...this is wonderful.

White Concrete

Concrete Can

Modern Concrete

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Snake Plants

Law S Tongue

Mother In Law Tongue

Mother In Law Plant

Snake Plant

Rustoleum S Glow




Gardening Outdoor

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Garden Tips

Simply buy a pot you like and paint it with glow-in-the-dark paint! Love it!!

Sculptures Robert

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Concrete Sculpture Garden Art

Moss Sculpture

Hypertufa Sculpture

Sculpture Galore

Teach Sculpture

Modern Masters: Robert Cannon’s Terraform Concrete Garden Sculpture —studio 'g' garden design and landscape inspiration and ideas Studio G, Garden Design & Landscape Inspiration

3/4 Beds

Day Beds



Love This

Old Love

Cat Love

The O'Jays

The Old

GREAT idea!

Crate Planters

Planter Ideas

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Crate Garden

Garden Wood

Unique Planter

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Garden Time

Inspire Bohemia: Unique Garden Planters and Displays

Draining Better

Drain Better

Lighter Better

Pot Lighter

Pots For Plants

Gardening Plants

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Succulents In Pots

Indoor Plants

Use pinecones in the bottom of a pot - makes them much lighter, better draining!

Rustic Gardens

Rustic Gardening

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1001 Gardens

Creative Planters

Old Rustic Barrel Planter..stuffed with flowers.

Birdcage Flowers

Hanging Birdcage

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Birdcage Garden

Birdcage Planters

Hanging Flower Pots

Birdcage Turned

Planted Birdcage

Birdcage with flowers