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What most people don't realize is that the core/ab work is last on the list when it comes to how your abs rise to the surface. That's right—last! Once they begin to show, the way you work them will influence their aesthetic appearance.

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Smart Health Talk Tip-Been topic on our radio show. Thought past week on how hard to work out (want my body back after stressful period-post menopausal), and how people work hard for someone don't even know, yet aren't willing to work for ourselves. Our body impacts every second of our day, yet we deny ourselves strength, confidence, long term benefits. Fit daily time for you. Love yourself. Get to know you. Start w/ a good look in the mirror w/o your clothes and stop the denial.

Just getting back into working out. This one is crazy! Love it.

I have a pair of daisy dukes that I bought in 10th grade for motivation. They are still sitting in a drawer taunting me.

been doing something similar to this with light weights.

Often for those of us who are trying to loose weight this seems like a mountain to climb. Start small with the physical work and you will be on your way.

Fat people are like welfare bludgers. 99% of them don't need the help, don't need the pity. But because it's so freely available, so many choices and so much 'sensitivity', they sit dormant, sucking the life out of the people around them, their only purpose to consume & complain. This book is not for fat people. It is not for lazy people. It is for fit people. It is for leaders. It is for people who know that something is wrong. #sharnyandjulius #FITlosophy

my life living, traveling and adventuring makes me so much better at what I do! :-)