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  • Anna Lloyd

    monkey bars (boys trying to see up the girls dresses) Loved playing on those!

  • Gail Ingrum


  • Sandra Long

    the jungle jim

  • Jennie Poppenger

    “One day, when I am a braver man, I will tell her these things, and then I will look her in the eye tell her I love her and ask her to be only mine. But until that day, we're just friends.” ― Charlie Huston, Already Dead

  • Mary Liles

    the monkey bars, oh the memories! (hated them...)

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Jungle gym. Terrible when wet and freezing cold. Burning hot in summer. Girls wore dresses so wasn't the best for climbing, if you didn't want your panties showing.

Playing on the Monkey Bars 1956. By Penny Cook.I loved to play on the Monkey Bars at home.The Monkey Bars didn't have any padding under them

Vintage Monkey Bars. Had these on our playground. If I was going to wear a dress, I made sure to wear shorts underneath so I could play on the monkey bars.

my sister had this. between this and the wizard of oz, i have a creepy fear of primates.

Metal monkey bars! - At school, the girls had to wear shorts under our skirts if we were gonna go on the bars. haha, no peeking!

I loved this toy back in the 70's! It was fun until a sibling or such used crayons instead of chalk. Was never the same again.

Kids today have no clue what this is.My biology teacher in school wrote so many notes on this!!

Monkey Bars- where you really learned to hold on. If you fell, you hit ten steel bars before you landed on the concrete below.

Barrel of Monkeys is a toy game first created by Lakeside Toys in 1965. Dump monkeys onto table. Pick up one monkey by an arm. Hook other arm through a second monkey's arm. Continue making a chain. Your turn is over when a monkey is dropped.