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NoWayGirlfrom NoWayGirl

Text Fail: Your Friend Adam Is Not So Smart

Text Fail: Find some more intelligent friends... unfortunately I would consider doing this until I realized what I was doing Check out the website to see more

Beware, my friends

Beware, my friends

15 Ways To Make All Your Friends Hate You

Beware, my friends


My biggest fear while driving…

Yes haha


The Most Profound Things Ever Pondered In The Shower

The Most Profound Things Ever Pondered In The Shower by Nick Offerman aka Ron Swanson. I LOVE this man ahahaha @M3lis3


That clears all doubts…

I laughed so hard at this!! #funny #gag #lol #funnyimages #funngeeks


My life is a lie…

Properly dispensing a Tic Tac. I had no idea! There's a 7-second video on YouTube showing the move -


Toilet paper commercials…

So true


Now you know...

Now you know. you're welcome.

Laziness level 38.. Ive only done this once..well twice. And it was only because it was cold outside!! #dontjudgeme!

Harry Potter Humor..... Best friend got the girl... So I nailed his sister.