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Cute baby beautiful animal

ZEBRA Mom and Foal (Equus burchellii) Why do zebras have stripes at all? Scientists aren’t sure, but many theories center on their utility as some form of camouflage. The patterns may make it difficult for predators to identify a single animal from a.

Zebras, mother and child, so cute!

Mother and baby zebra in Africa - Photo credit: Austin Adventures

This is all we would need to complete our farm LOL...a Zonkey!!! I wonder hard Turner could have him bucking!!!

A ZONKEY Named "Khumba"! Born at a Mexico Zoo in April Zoo officials say donkey-zebra mix is very rare. Dad was a donkey. She got her Mom's beautiful legs though! She was born in Reynosa! See article/more pics:

"Hibrid" olarak da bilinen, iki farklı hayvanın veya bitkinin birleşmesinden ortaya çıkan yeni türe ne denir?	    http://cevaplar.mynet.com/soru-cevap/hibrid-olarak-da-bilinen-iki-farkli-hayvanin-veya-bitkinin-birlesmesinden-ortaya-cikan-yeni-ture-ne-denir-/6374324

Eclyse, The Zorse (Mother is a Horse/Father is a Zebra at Safarie Park Zoo in the city of Schloss Holte-Stukenbrock. Most zebra-horse cross-breeds sport stripes across their entire body, Eclyse only has two such patches on its face and rear.