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    • Athelas Hale

      Ooh. The boy in the front has orange-red hair. (And he's at the age where he could be Marshall. Maybe he's too old, though.) And the boy in the back has dark hair and semi-dark skin. This is actually pretty neat; it's the ice-land and the desert right next to each other. [And, I just realized. The boy in the back. His eyes. Eheh. I'm having "what if" thoughts now...]

    • Jamie Schwartz

      Anybody know where these kids might be from???? I really wanna know!!! I love the uncommon features they have. Like red hair and tan skin or dark brown hair and bright blue eyes

    • Rebecca Schepp

      prettiest eyes! Oh my word, I don't know this kid, but he's already stole my heart lol

    • Don Malot

      Mischievous smiling young boys.

    • Lisa Lisa

      #Photography Eyes

    • Moriah Miniaci

      beautiful eye

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    eyes. humanity.

    such beautiful blue-eyed girls.. and their hair is so pretty in a Victorian style... *~<3*Jo*<3~*

    "Little boys come in all shapes and sizes, Shy and adventurous, full of surprises, With misshapen halos and mischievous grins, Small dirty faces, and sweet, sticky chins. They'll keep you so busy, and yet all the while, Nothing can brighten the world like their smile. And no greater treasure has brought homes more joy, Than a curious, active, and lovable boy!" - Author: Unknown

    Through the eyes of a child ...

    .I want little kids

    Little Arab boy with those eyes!

    look at those eyes

    morning snuggles.

    Joy Joy Joy!!

    Beautiful. Lovely eyes, great brows. And those freckles… We love a dark eyeliner with a smudge on the top lash line to define eyes. Try W3LL People's Hypnotist Eye Pencil in Ebony for an all day lasting look!

    Sweet Bow Swaddle Blanket, dying of a cuteness over load #TSM Paula Stange Please Paula Stange sugar Can you imagine this with "Legacy" embroidered on the bow? I'd die.

    ‧-••-ᗋᑎᏋ ☮ ➳ ԼᏋᏋԼᗋ ‧-••-☮ ➳♔

    :) smile

    That feeling when you can't stop smiling.. no matter how hard you try :)


    Good laugh