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How to make a decaying shrunken head.

CARDBOARD coffin tutorial. I can do this!!

An amazingly simple skeletal hand tutorial--uses wire and old pens or coaxial cable, masking tape, and latex or paper mache. Done Halloween '13, built out a bit more, to be the Thing to my Wednesday.

great tutorial on reproducing a skull with a milk jug

creepy pumpkin tutorial-- carve a fake pumpkin, cover it in modge podge, and then cover with unwrapped cotton balls? Step 2: after it dries, cover in another layer of modge podge Step 3: spray paint black. Step 4: paint shades of brownish orange.

jollywollyvintage: Voodoo Witch Doctor and Shrunken Heads by KreatureKid Please go look at his work it is fantastic! These are awesome. if I had money I would buy them.

This is the greatest site, TONS of tutorials on how to make this guy and so much more

The Scarecrow's Post: Bring on the Corpse Heads...

PUMPKINROT.COM ~ Best witch head...ever...

Shrunken Head Glass Ornament – Middle of Beyond

Want to make skulls like these? I made a tutorial! http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXY3kYmFFmKly2N75cCMrrLI3Qsp-_-Hq

Creepy Shrunken Head | I Gotta Try That...

Tutorial on how to pose your skeletons. #Halloween http://www.halloweenforum.com/halloween-props/132404-pirates-i-invoke-right-parley-2.html#post1563949

Carved zombie head from a styrofoam head .

DIY creepy stained coffin tutorial - Halloween Vinyl - thehouseofsmiths.com

Print these out to make a Head in a Bottle

DIY Glittered Witch Shoe --how to make a witch shoe for any purpose

Chicken Wire Ghost Tutorial

DIY Shrunken Head Tutorial from BradBlogSpeed. I really like this blog - all the tutorials are really detailed. The teeth are made out of polymer clay and the hair is from a doll.

Spooky tutorials! One-armed grave grabber, foam tombstones, boneyard bbq, and bubbling brew...