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1920 Emerald

Emerald Cut

1920 Ruby

Ruby Circa

Deco Red

Deco Ruby

Imitation Seed

White Yellow

14K White

Stunning. Rare art deco ring...circa 1920. Emerald cut ruby and imitation seed pearls on yellow gold filigree mounting.

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Rings Ring

Art Deco Jewelry Rings

Jewelry Dual

Ring 25

Rings Bracelet

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Vintage Art Deco Jewelry

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Vintage Art Deco Ruby Ring

Amethyst Circa

Big Amethyst

Vintage Amethyst Ring

Huge Antique

Antique Art

Antique Jewelry

Ring Pm

Ring Yes

Amethyst Cocktail

Antique Art Deco 1918 14k Gold Seed Pearl Amethyst Cocktail Ring.

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Ring Camphor

Art Deco 14K White Gold Camphor Glass Diamond Ring Signed - unique jewelry

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Victorian Roses

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Gorgeous Antique

Ring Antique

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Antique Floral Ring Victorian Rose Cut Diamonds Ruby

Boucheron Paris

Ring Boucheron

Paris Art

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Boucheron Paris Art Deco Jade Ring

Deco Moonstone

Cabochon Moonstone

Center Moonstone

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Art Deco Jewellery

An Art Deco moonstone & diamond pendant

Rock Crystal

Crystal White

Crystal Ring

Ring 1920 S

Ring Vintage

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Vintage Bangles

Antique Diamond Ring Vintage Art Deco Rock Crystal White Gold Filigree

Ruby Beautiful

Gold Stunning

Gorgeous Ring

Gorgeous Princess

Ruby Diamond Rings

Ring Ruby

Rose Gold Rings

Ring 3

Ring Yum


Aquamarine Platinum

Large Aquamarine

Platinum Set

Jewelry Aquamarine

Birthstone Jewelry

Platinum Pendant

Aquamarine Birthstone

Platinum Jewelry

Art Deco Costume Jewelry

aquamarine Deco diamond very rare pendant (figures carved in large aquamarine) platinum set 1920c

Revival Ruby

Revival Ring

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Cartier Egyptian

Deco Egyptian

Egyptian Jewelry

Egyptian Style

Cartier Art

Jewelry Cartier

Cartier An Art Deco Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire Ring, circa 1925

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Ruby Ring Vintage

Jewelry Ruby

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Jewelry 1900

Ruby, Diamond, and Platinum Art Deco Ring, c1920, England

Amethyst Deco

Amethyst Signed

Dark Amethyst

Shaped Amethyst

Amethyst Diamond


Diamond Ring

Diamond 1925

Total Diamond

An art deco amethyst and diamond ring, circa 1925 centering an oval-shaped amethyst; signed D. Co.; estimated total diamond weight: 2.50 carats; mounted in platinum.

Ruby Wedding Rings

Wedding Ring Vintage

Ruby Ring Vintage

Art Deco Wedding

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Wedding Emerald

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Antique Ruby Wedding Ring Vintage Art Deco by AawsombleiJewelry

Mine Colombian

Colombian Emeralds

Ring Gorgeous

Stunning Art

Beautiful Emerald

Magnificent Jewelry

Perfect Ring

Stunning Wedding

Gorgeous Richly

Deco, circa 1930s.

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Art Deco Diamond and Sapphire Cocktail Ring

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Art Deco Earrings - Flora

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Pink Ceylon

Jewelry Sapphire

Art Deco purplish-pink sapphire and diamond ring.

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Fall Chrysanthemum 14k gold ring with yellow by EidelPrecious this etsy shop has gorgeous rings

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Ring Beautiful

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Vintage Garnet Diamond Ring Art Deco Wedding Ring

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Emerald Onyx

Emeralds Artdeco

Cabochon Emerald

Emeralds Diamonds

Deco Emerald

Emerald Pendant

Exquisite Emeralds

An art deco emerald, onyx and diamond pendant, circa 1920.