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    • Ashley Marin

      Teaching Spanish: Conversation UNO. Structured conversation activity which can be used with kids to address topic maintenance, formulating comments and questions, introducing a new topic, and expanding a topic. It can be adapted in terms of complexity and level of topic specificity, depending on the cognitive level and pragmatic skills of the child. All you need is a deck of cards (uno or other).

    • Cherisse L

      "Conversation Oo-no" to build social skills (especially good for kids on the spectrum!) Choose a topic to start ("TV shows") Matching color=a comment about the topic. Matching number = ask a question to the next player about the topic.

    • Kelly Grosse

      A new way to play Uno. Conversation Uno. Love me some Uno! -- introduce topic before play, matching color = make a comment, matching number/symbol = ask question! draw 2 = 2 comments, wild = change topic (i.e. Animales, la familia, me gusta, los deportes, la escuela, la casa, etc.)

    • Becky Salasche

      Conversation Uno ~ Prior to the first turn, select a topic (general e.g. TV shows, somewhat specific e.g. GLEE, or very specific). Make sure everyone is clear about the topic. * Card of matching color = make a comment about the topic * Card of matching number = ask a question of the next player regarding the topic * Draw 2 or 4 = make 2 or 4 comments * Change colour = change the topic

    • Kate Lepley

      Conversation Uno...plan on using this with social skills kids for lunch bunch. Staying on topic in conversation practice

    • Karen Summerhays

      A new way to play Uno. Conversation Uno. Love me some Uno! -- Introduce a topic before play. Matching color makes a comment about topic, new color asks a question about topic, draw 2 has to make 2 comments, wild can change topic, draw 4 wild must make 4 comments before changing topic

    • Laura Cauley

      Conversation UNO - use different uno cards for making comments, asking questions, changing topics

    • Sarah Elizabeth

      Conversation Uno...might be a good social skills group activity for my AS kiddos

    • Angela Simmons

      A new way to play Uno. Conversation Uno. Good for a group activity.

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