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You may think this is ice, but it's scrunched up plastic wrap and water!! Perfect for holiday displays!

gardeen world

Veggie Lodge by Green Giant. You need: Six 8" carrot logs (1 front, 5 back) | Eight 5" carrot logs (lodge sides) | Eight 3" carrot logs (front) | Eight 1 1/4" logs (by front door) | Four 1 1/2" carrot logs (window opening) | Three 7" carrot log rafters | Sixteen 6" roof celery stalks | Foam core board gable measures 8"x 6" x 6" | Slice of turnip for window | Toothpicks & cream cheese mortar fasten cucumbers and celery | Bamboo skewers to stack chimney mushroom "stones"

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Reindeer

north pole cupcakes

Gingerbread house.........

Decorated Pretzel Cabin instead of gingerbread house!

A decorated block of ice is an elegant way to serve chilled buffet food, such as boiled shrimp. Great for a holiday parties.

How to Make a Reindeer Silhouette - this is so cute! eclecticallyvinta...

DIY Christmas Centerpiece

Make a Mason Jar Snow Globe - So cute DIY in Dec 2013 Southern Living Mag!! I may have to try this!

Christmas Tree Cheese Board

Pickled Paperwhites (Narcissus grandiflora). To prevent paperwhites from growing too tall and falling over when they bloom, this gardener grows his indoors in a gin or vodka and water solution. He says it keeps the plants shorter without affecting the blooms. Interesting....see article for the details.

A converted Chicago-area polo stable canters into the holidays dressed with live greens, vintage trophies, equestrian paraphernalia and a serious dose of plaid.


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Worth Pinning: Decorated Pretzel Cabins


Poinsettia Luminarias: Light up a wintry night with glowing poinsettias encased in ice. Start with a small bloom clipped at the base. Seal the stem with a flame, and push the bloom facedown into a large plastic cup. Pour distilled water -- it makes the clearest ice -- into the container and fill it one-third full. A second, smaller container in the center weighted down with rocks, creates a hollow center in the mold. Freeze until solid. Thaw the ice slightly to unmold both containers and place a votive candle inside.

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Made these years ago. So dang cute!!



Cream Cheese Christmas Tree...with a little pepper jelly