SO pretty. could even write guests' names on them and use them for table direction (say, the guest's name across the top of the wing and the table number on the belly). or attach them above strung minilights and hang in some trees at an outdoor wedding or reception. lots of possibilities.

carved leaves

Really didn't know where to put this, but I'd love to have something like it in my garden, so it goes here. Carved birds

Swallows, by Sanderson Wallpapers


carved wooden raven


♕ Hector Giacomelli, illustration to With the Birds, Boston, 1891



carved bowls

Wood Carving Tool Set

I will have to try this one day. Carving Process by Robert Kidd

Frog carving

Wood Carvings

Wood carving

driftwood birds

Owl Wood Carving by northwoodscarvings on Etsy, $125.00


Norsk Wood Works -- Norwegian Wood Carvers and Carving Woods

Wood Lathe