Explore Heart Disease, Then And Now, and more!


Top 10 Causes of Death: 1900 vs. New England Journal of Medicine

Click-it muscles - Intro to Muscle Movie Project

NOT FOR THE SQUEAMISH - actual medical human cadaver dissection videos with narration/instruction; for educational purposes. This will be so helpful for grad school cadaver lab!

Wicca meanings in color

10 tips for food photography & styling

Hi my friend, this beautiful color wheel chart describes how different colors support us in different ways. If you are interested in color, crystal,.



It took me a second to get it.but funny.( it makes a sound like pacman when you put your finger in your ear and scratch)

Public health degree. If only I could show this to people when they ask what I'm studying.

Epidemiologist are individuals who have a degree in the health field. Epidemiologist helps focus on the public health and possibly help prevent and control diseases.

My history prof has this framed on his office door

Homeless Hotspots: Controversy At 4G Speeds

[image: A poster containing the words “Science can tell you how to clone a Tyrannosaurus rex. Humanities can tell you why this might be a bad idea.”] world-shaker: “ Science and the Humanities ” But….