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    Coney Island. 1950's. Leon Levinstein.

    Bruce Gilden, Coney Island, 1977

    Leon Levinstein, New York City, 1960s

    spent a lot of my childhood in the bowling alley while my mom night too when my parents both bowled. And those stirrup pants..I loved my pair

    © Josef Breitenbach. S)

    Tadao Cern photographs sunbathers in all their glory :: love this precious couple sharing the tiny blanket!

    Photo by Ralph Crane

    Brighton Swimming Club, 1853. Intriguing photo. The hats and poses, especially the one doing what looks like a yoga move.

    elizabeth sweetheart has been wearing kelly green for 16 years. "I’m from Nova Scotia, where green is in your surroundings. I missed nature when I moved to New York. I started wearing green nail polish, and it spread all over me."

    day at the beach

    I chose this picture for a variety of reasons, the first is that I think it's hilarious and reminds me of my own first communion. But I also chose it because it's interesting to see the different looks on the girls faces in relation to the situation. It's a serious event and the young girl changes it to be funny.


    Believe it! Take pictures or make paintings and cover part of the body and write things like I'm Pretty, I'm beautiful, I'm Skinny, I'm sad (over eyes) then ask why don't you believe it

    beautiful woman

    1954 England - women on a day trip

    Vintage Photo - Circus 1933

    Vintage photo of a very little boy, hefting a small accordion, singing with every ounce of gusto he possesses. <> I just love this.

    Portable Confessional

    ..I guess she didn't know what to wear

    go for it

    1950s in Kodachrome