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Trades stew for a birthright.... Well, that escalated quickly.. LOL!

Laughing because this can be so true sometimes.


Lol that's too funny

This is funny

I just died!!!! Lol #jw #humor

J.W. humor..bring on the after holidays sales!!

This hasn't happened to me just yet, but I can only imagine the awkwardness!

#jw #humor

JW humor. Why is this so funny?!

JW Humor..saving the world one door at a time!

JW's get this!!! It's so true! !

I don't care if it's my 1st talk or my 20th talk.....I'm getting ice cream after the meeting!

You know you're a Jehovah's witness when...

Jw humor

JW Humor

Jw humor Ain't that the truth lol meetings as well

#jwhumor this happens all the time!!!

speak slowly!!


JW Funny! FIG-uratively speaking..we get it