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Kid's playset turned into a chicken coop!!

Turn an old playhouse into a chicken coop!

love the look of this chicken coop with the morning glory growing up the side!

Chicken Coop- this is the MOST contemporary (and somewhat Asian) looking coop I've EVER seen. Very cool for the right setting. mv

A couple of cool details make this tiny coop just gorgeous!

Chicken coop made from pallets by beautiful girl

This is where Baba Yaga keeps her birds.

The appearance of wild flocks of chickens around New Orleans since Katrina has put a yearning in my heart for a few of my own. This coop has the potential to be inexpensive to do. Framing lumber and roofing would be the largest purchases. Recycle some screened windows and the rest pallets, pallets, pallets. Here, they are free from the newspaper.

Ingela Wanerstrand's coop, Seattle, WA as seen on the Seattle Tilth chicken coop tour

for erika. r u getting a chandelier? I'll start looking!