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    Chicken Broccoli Alfredo Stuffed Shells

    Emptying a few cans of corn into a muffin tray, adding water & then freezing it is a very small act of kindness. But on hot days, it means the world to the chickens that live here. Pecking away at an ice block to finally be rewarded with a cold corn kernel is a great way to help them keep cool .

    Making Lye From Wood Ashes And Then Making Old Fashioned Lye Soap » The Homestead Survival

    Wheat Grass... Yum.. Like the rack idea for different stages of wheat grass growth.

    Cute coop for the fancy chickens I will have someday! EGG DROP COOP - BackYard Chickens Community

    Growing fodder (sprouted barley) for animal feed. Cuts your spending on feed in half (at least)!

    Swinging Chickens: love this idea as ROOSTS inside the coop. Easy to take down & clean, rough so the chickens don't slip & wide enough for them to keep their feet warm underneath them in winter..... just love it!

    Dietary Supplements for Backyard Chickens -- by Melissa Caughey of Tilly’s Nest Click here for Part One of this Series. When I first started keeping a few backyard chickens there were very few resources, if any available, on the internet and in book form for small flock owners.  I had to do a great deal of searching and digging to find …

    DIY chick brooder made out of an old dresser

    Chicken Coop Disinfectant Recipe - orange peels steeped in vinegar for a month, then put in a spray bottle. My all-natural store-bought poultry protector smells like that, no wonder. Making my own would be much less expensive. It is sprayed inside the coop when I clean it to discourage mites, fleas, bugs, etc.

    inside chicken coop pictures - Bing Images

    The Chicken Chick®: Facts and Myths about Fertile Eggs

    Five Easy Ways to Keep your Chickens' Water from Freezing this Winter

    Have the water from the chicken house roof top collect in rain barrel to auto water the chickens

    Rain Collecting Automatic Chicken Waterer

    Boredom during the cold months can lead to pecking and other issues within your flock. Cure the winter blahs with edible vegetable garlands for your chickens!

    They partitioned off part of the run and made a winter "solarium". Gets them outside, still helps protect from the elements

    Best Chicken Coop Designs - Most Amazing Chicken Coops - Country Living

    MOLT MEATLOAF -> 3 Eggs, lightly beaten, ¾ C Milk, 2T Molasses, 2/3 C Old-fashioned Oats, 2/3 C Layer Crumble (or moistened pellets), ¼ C Wheat germ, ¼ C Powdered Milk, 3 Cloves Garlic, chopped, ¼ C Fresh or Dried Parsley, 1T each Fresh or Dried Sage & Oregano, 1 ½ lbs Ground Beef. In large bowl, combine eggs, milk & molasses. Stir in oats, crumble, wheat germ, powdered milk, garlic & herbs. Add meat & mix well. Pat mixture into a small pan a& bake at 350 for 1 hr - cool, slice, serve.

    What NOT to Feed your Chickens

    Why do sprouting seeds mean happy chickens? We spill the beans!

    There's no need to subscribe to the idea of a "perfect" diet for your hens. Save some cash!

    Solar powered chicken coop, light, auto open door, etc.

    chicken tractor