A visual presentation of the encouragement as you face obstacles within your journey toward your Hope & Dreams - - : TRUST GOD. He'll get you from here to there. KEEP MOVING with Him. PHOTO: Plank Bridge, Cascille, Northern Ireland. Pinned via Gemma M.

It takes four Seattle artists, three layers of molten glass and two thousand degrees to make one glassybaby. An artfully crafted, glass vessel, glassybaby is available in hundreds of colors. To date,...

A stunning bridge with an impressive use of light squares, this is sure to impress anyone walking or driving underneath it. the use of simple geometric shapes to create a stunning look and strike a feeling in someone is amazing.

I love the s-curve of the bridge and the fog which shrouds the path ahead. The tree on the right and the hills in the background also follow the rule of thirds and provide some lovely contrast.

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