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    Angled view of Clearwing Moth

    Macropoides cribicollis

    Ghost mantis. Photo: Cathy Keifer

    Orange Oakleaf Butterfly - Located throughout tropical Asia - Photo by HenryKoh


    Horned Treehopper

    Alaus oculatus - Eyed click beetle by Colin Hutton Photography@@

    Feather-horn beetle

    Christmas Beetle (Anoplognathus sp.)


    See the Breathtaking Dance of the Peacock Spider! | The Rainforest Site Blog

    Jumping peacock spider, so cool!

    Jumping Spider (Siler semiglaucus) by itchydogimages, via Flickr. Nice sweater. :)

    It's the most gorgeous spider of all — Maratus volans, or the "peacock spider."

    Eucharitid wasps are parasitic of many different species of ants. Eucharitid larvae will attach themselves to foraging ants, who unknowingly bring them back to the colony. Once there, the wasp larvae feed on ant larvae until they develop into adult wasps. Image credit: Melvyn Yeo

    These photos prove size does not matter as a tiny ant lifts a caterpillar around twice its size. The epic battle between the two insects shows this little ant's incredible strength.Macro photographer Agus Wahyudi said the pair of insects were fighting as the ant, believed to be an Asian weaver, tried its best to beat its huge opponent. The pictures were taken in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia, south east Asia, where the father-of-one lives.

    Cecropia silkmoth...o.k. so a MOTH, not a butterfly

    Mormolyce phyllodes

    Black velvet

    #Red Velvet #Ant. #insect

    Blister Beetle

    Garden Tiger Moth

    Apoica Wasp nest. Eusocial paper wasps found throughout Central and South American tropics. Wasps are nocturnal. Nests have open comb, built under large leaves or in shrubs. During day, wasps covering comb fan wings to cool nest.

    Eupholus benetti