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“When you're lost in those woods, it sometimes takes you a while to realize that you are lost. For the longest time, you can convince yourself that you've just wandered off the path, that you'll find your way back to the trailhead any moment now. Then night falls again and again, and you still have no idea where you are, and it's time to admit that you have bewildered yourself so far off the path that you don't even know from which direction the sun rises anymore.”   ― Elizabeth Gilbert

Henry David Thoreau quote on finding ourselves - Love of Life Quotes

Valencia Spain, 1952. Elliot Erwitt

Elliott Erwitt, Robert & Mary Frank, Valencia, Spain, 1952 slow dancing in the kitchen

Random Inspiration 108

Matej Andra& Vogrincic,& on a Winter& Night a Traveller.& - installation of umbrellas suspended over the atrium of the building. At various times a cloud of mist would form over the umbrellas, obscuring the far side of the building.

il ballo - Cartier Bresson

all-things-bright-and-beyootiful: “By Henri Cartier-Bresson, Queen Charlotte’s Ball, London 1959 ”