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    PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


    How PTSD Disrupts Relationships – Part 3 – “Come Close To Me! Get Away From Me!” Push-Pull Dynamic



    Real Brain Problems. This compilation of brain scans of patients diagnosed with various psychological problems are compared with those who dont

    The 5 Step Self-holding Exercise for Self-Regulation of PTSD Symptoms. This self-therapy exercise for PTSD is inspired by Peter Levine's work / Somatic Experiencing. Note that you can create your own Self-holding exercises based on what you need. Just hold the intention to calm your nervous system and find whatever placements feel the best for you – for example if you happen to have an upset stomach placing your hand on that specific uncomfortable area could be soothing.


    The Impact of Childhood Trauma on Adult Disorders (Infographic)

    PTSD and relationships



    Active Coping vs. Negative Coping

    Coping Bank---Healthy Alternatives for times of stress, emotional hardships, etc.

    Can you stop a panic attack? Infographic

    An Inside Look At ADHD Infographic

    stress management worksheets | Addressing mental health | Stress Management Activities

    The Science of #Mental Health #Infographic - "Research has demonstrated that an imbalance in brain chemicals can contribute to the development of some mental disorders. It’s suspected that this chemical imbalance impedes the ability of the brain to send messages in between neurons."

    Stress relief (Always needed)