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a terrific specimen of a stud Your prowess is the envy of men everywhere

clearly a scintillating embodiment of sangfroid

a fearless wonder of faith Through the valleys of life, the Lord sustains you.

clearly an undaunted doozy of fortitude In the face of overwhelming danger, you stand your ground.

Could be a lockscreen - it would be great except for the watermark...    *sigh*

clearly an admirable archetype of a genius Your dreams of the theoretical are far beyond normal ken

But EVERYONE does, especially the ones who say they don't. Why aren't we still stoning people? Why aren't men raping captives of war they find attractive? Not only are professed believers hypocrites, they are merciless. In all your getting, get an understanding.

The Holy Bible is not a bag of trailmix.you can't just pick out the pieces you like and ignore the rest!

Think and grow rich !  via @inspirational_fuel

The best way to predict the future.everyday the future is being created.

Niet vergeten!!

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Beautiful like me. Beautiful like you.

To all the girls out there who doubt their beauty. Quote: I'm not beautiful like you. I'm beautiful like me.

Patience.  Rome wasn't built in a day.

rawbdz: “ “I have patience. I will become what I know I am.” An amazing quote fom “Become Legendary” speech by Michael Jordan. Listen to the speech here.