parenting quote.... I love my kids and always try to raise them the right way.. To be respectful, courteous, and to have initiative... Oh and to open the door for girls 😊

I don't know about this..remember the day you gave Grandma the Queen Mother wave in the rear view mirror?

This quote reminds me of my dad :)

Have to remind ourselves of this

Remember this!

There are days when I need to be reminded of this....

i think this is true

Love, love, love this. Lord, please remind me of this every single day. This makes me cry.

great reminder...totally true!

Good reminder

So very true.

Hang by the sink as a reminder!

10 Ways to Love: 1. Listen - Proverbs 18:24, 2. Speak - James 1:19, 3. Give - Proverbs 21:26, 4. Pray - Colossians 1:9, 5. Answer - Proverbs 17:1, 6. Share - Ephesians 4:15, 7. Enjoy - Philippians 2:14, 8. Trust - 1st Corinthians 13:7, 9. Forgive - Colossians 3:13, 10. Promise - Proverbs 13:12. Going to share this with my fellow elders

a good reminder to be careful with your words


So true.

Always a good reminder