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    Better ADHD Focus Through Fidgeting | ADDitude - ADHD Information and Resources

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    • McNay & Voth ADHD Services

      Choosing the right foods -- or cutting back on the wrong ones -- may be an #alternativeADHDtreatment that can help prevent symptoms from swinging out of control. #freebrochure, ADHD, ADD, children, resource, #mentalawareness, @parenting magazine

    • Tierney Thompson

      How Cogmed Working Memory Training Can Improve Symptoms of Inattention and Hyperactivity in Children and Adults | ADDitude Magazine

    • Soma

      ADHD Alternative Treatment: Attention Training and Meditation Mindful Awareness: Treating ADHD with Meditation

    • Jennifer Multari

      Alternative ADHD Treatment: How Fish Oil Can Help Your ADHD Symptoms | ADDitude - Attention Deficit Information Resources

    • Valencia Phua

      Can neurofeedback really help build stronger focus and attention? Here's what you need to know about this alternative ADHD treatment.

    • Jonell Bolten

      Treating ADHD with Behavior Therapy: An Alternative ADHD Treatment | ADDitude - ADHD LD Adults and Children

    • Kara Hughes

      Free Resources for Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD ADHD) - Understanding the Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment of ADD ADHD in Adults and Children

    • Ashley Richeson

      Better ADHD Focus Through Fidgeting | ADDitude - ADHD Information and Resources. just in case.

    • Tara Robinson

      Can go to to sign up for this free resource

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    DIY tactile/sensory fidgets for classrooms and everyday. Useful for kids with ADHD, Autism and more.