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Good Night Sweetheart Are you OK? I will save you I promise. We have got to find a place ASAP. I hate how he treats you. I love you

Spiritual Evolution - Do you pay attention when the Universe speaks to...

She whispered make a wish. So I wished for her. She asked me what I wished for and so I leant in and kissed her

11:11 I asked for you | #1111phenomenon #1111 Make it 4 times a day wishing for you... I love you!!!!

I asked for you, and no sooner did both you and the signs appeared but they are gone.

Designer brasileiro junta design com Rock'n'Roll: Rahma Projekt

Designer brasileiro junta design com Rock’n’Roll: Rahma Projekt

Brain On/off Heart

You hate to, but self preservation says you have to in order to prevent the heart from being curbstomped again.

OMG ,anyone who knows me well, knows that for 20 some years these numbers have scared me,I do see these numbers very often. I always thought they were a bad omen, I hope the above is true.