close-up of flora grub's tilandsia vertical garden

Floating Vertical Garden

Plant A Picture: Mount one or two air plants (tillandsias) into a frame for a minimalist look, or a bunch to create a dense painting. Just hang the frame in bright filtered light and dunk in water overnight once a week.

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By removing alternating pavers and replacing them with plants, this walkway has a big impact. The entire group let out a collective 'aahhh' when we walked up to it.

It's like a living art installation tucked into a sunlit corner.

We attach Tillandsia xerographica air plants to sustainably harvested spruce roots for unique living sculptures.

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Starting Succulents from Leaves- i love doing this and watching them grow :) you can get so many plants from just one succulent!

Air Plant Centerpiece Tillandsias on Cork

Kalanchoe delagoensis x daigremontiana “Pink Butterflies”. A breath taking hybrid of two of the most easy care plants in the world. I need it now.

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Tillandsia Ionantha

Indoor gardening...I am imagining this with a to bog blooming orchids....I LOVE this!!!!

vertical garden

Copper Wire Air Plant Tree

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