Fastest surgeons in the West! I hear they're working on a drive-thru option. Read more:

This Really Makes Me Wonder


I'd see a doctor.

garage/yard sales

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RIGHT LANE MUST TURN LEFT. Go home sign. You're drunk.

You will follow this instruction whether or not you know what you’re running from. | 23 Signs You Might Actually Live In Night Vale

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in the naaaaaaame of love

At least you get something for your troubles.

thats where the cats are going!


"Bathing is suicidal because of crocodiles" warning sign

16 Silly Signs From Around the World | Reader's Digest

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someone was awesome...

I don't want to laugh too hard...that's going to be me someday.

This is in Michigan! DAH - only those UofM grads would think this up! Go Buckeyes!!!