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Climate scientists say that “this [extreme weather] is what global warming looks like.” Despite these warnings, many Republicans in Congress continue to deny that our actions are making it worse. Over the last session the House has voted over 200 times against the environment ( With searing temperatures, destructive wildfires, and increasingly severe storms, it is past time for Congress to draft a greener agenda that slows down climate change.

"The limit of 2C of global warming agreed by the world's governments is a 'dangerous target', 'foolhardy' and will not avoid the most disastrous consequences of climate change, new research from a panel of eminent climate scientists warned." - The Guardian

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Pope: 'Revolution' needed to fight climate change -

Global warming poses a major threat both to the environment and to global development. Caused by the excessive build-up of heat trapping “greenhouse” gases in the Earth’s atmosphere – in particular carbon dioxide emissions from the burning of oil, gas and coal – climate change threatens virtually every segment of the biosphere and human society. Polar ice and mountain glaciers are already melting, leading to rising sea levels, while at the same time climate fluctuations are bringing…

Anyone surprised the BP oil spill is killing more things? Like coral didn't have enough problems already in dealing with climate change!

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"It's Global Warming, Stupid"

The oceans are rising, weather events are more extreme and the winters in Europe excessive. All were predictions by the weather models for global warming. These are facts and will not change regardless of how many times Fox News is paid to say there is no global warming.