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Formula E electric car racing shows interest in holding 138 mph races in New York City The electric car championship will take place in city centers and will require a car change halfway through the hour-long race. Formula E hoeps to launch in 2014 with a race in Rio de Janeiro.

Could 2014 Become the Warmest Year on Record? Even though the year is only halfway over, a series of warm months — including the warmest May on record, announced Monday — paired with a brewing El Niño, have set one question circulating: Could 2014 take over the title of the warmest year on record?

All Of These Beautiful Islands Will Be Destroyed By Rising Sea Levels

The nation of Kiribati is about halfway between Hawaii and Australia and is made up of 32 low-lying atolls and one raised island. Its land sits about 2 meters above sea level on average, and it’s quickly disappearing. By the end of the century, or perhaps sooner, Kiribati could be gone.

Gingerbread Twix and 31 Other Amazing Holiday-Inspired Treats to Try

These protein- and fiber-packed bars are made with rolled oats, roasted soybeans, and—about halfway down the ingredients list—cocoa and cocoa butter, giving it a chocolate-y taste that even health nuts can get behind. Clif Bar's donating 1 percent of its net sales of the bar to Protect Our Winters, a non-profit that's fighting climate change. -

"Vulnerable to climate change". Developing countries haven't been major contributors to global warming and experience the effects heavier than others from their inability to adapt due to lack of financial resources. In these regions, livelihoods depend on agriculture and farming, which depends on climate. Predicting the climate and rainfall events is difficult when the trend is unclear. How can these countries possibly adapt to climate change with minimal resources and high labour costs?