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You don't learn to fly if you're not prepared to crash

You don't learn to fly if you're not prepared to crash

"with wine, with poetry, with virtue." love this!

One should always be drunk. Drunk with what? With wine, poetry, or with virtue, as you please. But get drunk. This is one of my favorite poems!

But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies - Jack Kerouac #travel #quote

Off The Beaten Path: San Francisco To Santa Barbara

At that moment, he began to feel rather stupid. How terrifying would that be, to be in danger but not be able to scream or call for help?

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Do you ever just wanna grab someone by the shoulders, look them deep in the eyes, and whisper, "No one gives a fuck?

Best advice ever. I have to remember this every time I feel inadequate for not being in a relationship in my 20s. :)

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be the person you think want you to be, become the person you are meant to be, respect you and always be proud of who you are!


some peoples hearts are hard to reach; that doesnt mean its not there

I'm not laughing...

If this is a supposed to be a joke, then it's not funny. If it's not a joke, then it's even less funny. Either way, I'm not laughing.