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    YAYOI KUSAMA Look NowSee ForeverThe Obliteration Room #YayoiKusama

  • Keri Richards

    If I let him this could be my son's room! The Obliteration Room, by Yayoi Kusama. An installation where thousands of colored dot stickers were given to kids who visited, and the white room was gradually covered in dots.

  • sasha

    SO cool - art project where kids were given a white room and polka dot stickers. beautiful

  • Tarah Kraft

    This is what happens when you give stickers to thousands of kids. An art installation at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art (by Yayoi Kusama) created a solid white domestic environment. The artist then gave colorful stickers to children, telling them to put the stickers wherever they wished. After two weeks, this was the result.

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