my girl!

I Just love this little girls outfit. That's why I repinned. My baby names are already picked out.... But just in case you haven't, here you go. Baby Girl Names 2014: Chic & Trendy Ideas #fashion #kids

Now juniper sassy must be your middle name, j) no it ain't it's Paisley me) I'm joking you little sass master #girl #adorable #kids #photos #babydiary

This child >

she is adorable. is it bad that im jealous of her hair? haha. I wish my parents didnt make me chop my hair off when I was little. lol.

It's OK Apparel

Okay well, since I literally was a mirror image of this kid when I was this young (too weird) I am guessing that this truly will be my future little girl



Bebe chanel

Cute little girl outfit

Oh my goodness, this little girl's outfit it precious! My new goal is to dress my children just like this

Oh my goodness!!! SOOO cute ;) Denim Shirt - A line Skirt - Silver Shoes



Kids Fashion. #kids #fashion #children #runway

Do You Own A Handbag Or A Toolbag?

Cutest ever!! Someday averie will have an outfit like this!!


truly my future child

my childrens clothes