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    dancewithmejensen: @JensenAckles at Jason Manns concert at #Asylum14 . That guitar suits him very well! :)  @eyesonly23 Exquisitely handsome…

    Jensen, relaxing on his boat and twanging the guitar. I love the song, if u haven't heard it, u will fall even more in love with him when u do!

    Jensen ♥ I absolutely love a guy that wears bracelets!!

    Jensen Singing. I'd have killed to be there. it was Chris Kane's bday I believe. YUUUM.

    Jensen - omg. Seriously, too cute. "I just can't...if you could see his face...I can't even look at you." ; )

    Jensen, stop it! Don't look at me like that! *covers eyes with arm dramatically* you slay me!

    [gifset] - Jensen, have mercy.....