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  • Savanna Spencer

    Ulysses S. Grant. Like Harry S. Truman, the "S" stood for nothing, as Grant was born, Hiram Ulysses Grant. Before attending West Point he changed his name so he wouldn't be known by initials "HUG". He was 18th president of US 1869-1877 and stabilized the nation after the civil war during the turbulent reconstruction. Born in 1822; died 1885 after writing his memoirs. He was married and had 4 sons.

  • Joseph N. Pisano

    Ulysses S. Grant and his son, Jesse Root, on the porch of their home in Galena, Ill. I believe that this photo was taken just prior to the start of the Civil War.

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A woman's coat made from captured Confederate Army gray cloth.

Joseph S. Dean, a native of Kentucky and a merchant in St. Louis, enlisted in Company C, 1st Missouri Infantry (CS) at Memphis, Tennessee, in July 1861 and was soon elected a first lieutenant. In January 1862 he was appointed an acting aide-de-camp to General John S. Bowen in the Army of the Mississippi. Dean was severely wounded at the Battle of Shiloh and died a few days later in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Confederate silk bible flag, 1864. This miniature, hand-stiched flag commemorates a child's birth with an inscription in French: "This confederate flag was present at the birth of Anatole. Friday, January 8, 1864. He was born during the war." The Historic New Orleans Collection, gift of Clyde Cucullu.

Tintype of Union Private posed in front of painted camp canvas backdrop.

Custer's personal civil War Flag hand-sewn by his wife Elizabeth.

Union soldier with family, holding a surgical saw, Camp of the 31st. Pennsylvania Infantry near Washington, American Civil war. 1962

Civil War Generals

CWFP Skylight Gallery Auction Results: CDV Photograph: ia725

A November 2012 addition to The Library of Congress online collection thanks to these folks:

Union Officer Armed With Revolver by Ron Coddington, via Flickr

Visually and Historically Probably the Most Remarkable Civil War Captured Confederate Belt Set Extant....

Outstanding and Rare Civil War Officer's "Plug Hat" One of the most difficult items of Civil War headgear to obtain is the so-called "plug hat" with its distinctive low, rounded crown and wide brim. This very popular form of slouch hat is seen extensively in period photography yet only a handful of original specimens survive today. This is one of the finest known examples. The 3" wide brim has a

Great Ruby Ambrotype of Two Union Soldiers Smoking Great Headgear

Colorful New York Zouave Officer's Kepi.New York Zouave Officer's Kepi Among the Civil War's most colorful items of headgear. This kepi ranks with the best. The scarlet body is sewn to a 1 ½" tall blue band. Three ¼" wide strips of gold lace rise up the front, back and sides of the scarlet cloth to the crown, which is edged with a single, narrower strip of gold lace. . The ½" glazed leather chin strap is affixed by two State of N. Y. "Excelsior" buttons.


Ohio 3rd Cavalry Civil War Sutler token John Metcalf

Fine 1 9th Plate Daguerreotype of A Young Civil War Soldier

October 19, 1864: The Civil War Battle of Cedar Creek is fought, including participation by Winchester, General Philip Sheridan's horse.

Image detail for -& technology, America, Civil War Confederate crutch & prosthetic ...

A November 2012 addition to The Library of Congress online collection thanks to these folks:

ca. 1861-1872, [Three soldiers carry a fourth to demonstrate one stage of the correct method to raise a soldier from a reclining position for carrying], United States Sanitary Commission

U.S. Sanitary Commission photo

Walt Whitman and Bill Duckett

Union Soldier in uniform and an American flag CDV