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by Art Mind! Part of her 99 feelings project, she's creating 99 separate sculptures that reflect different emotions. They each start with this simple "babushka" shape that she then adds to, takes away from and creates texture with. Can you guess what some of these emotions are? I think they're really lovely, would look great in a collection together.

Lewiston High School Ceramics, Instructor, Jody Dube. Includes great tutorials on many aspects of hand building. This is for the "slab cup" assignment.

Ceramic Reef Hangings by artist Diane Lublinski --- could be a great intro to wheel project- gets kids experimenting with the wheel, and any project they make (even if it's wonky) can be attached to a tile slab.

My project for a high school art competition. Pen and white charcoal pencil.

Incredible ceramic pieces...both vessel and wall art. This is a mural detail from a ceramic wall piece by artist Chris Gryder.

sculptural mugs. Students had to pick an emotion and sculpt that onto their mugs. Slab built. Western High School

Watercolor and Sharpie Silhouette Drawing - Conway High School Art Project

High School Art Projects | Projects for high school art classes / I Love how this project uses ...

CERAMIC FOOD | THE CREATIVE ART ROOM....3D Art Project. Student Artwork. High School Art.