Art Inspired / Stack Em High

totem-pole collaborative project w/ coil building

High School Ceramics Lesson // David Stabley inspired houses - definite do! Great slab unit & art appreciation/artist integration

Love this clay project! So whimsical and fun!

a "cheat" sheet for the student to refer to as they work on their projects.

ceramic totems

Pinch Pot Creature - Middle School Project as Bisque-ware

Clay slab cutout names are always a hit with my middle school kids. They design their name first and we use it as a pattern to cut the clay with a probe. With a limited budget, this uses little clay. Their second task is to design the word for glazing. We attach wire, etc. for hanging.

Very cool : Pop art on ceramic clay. @Sarah Chintomby Chintomby Feeser we should do this with fundamentals with of course more mapping!

Ball, Ceramic, Home Decor, Ceramic, Clay Fish

Impressive video about sculpting hands out of clay!! Makes it look easy. .- Polymer Clay Dolls Fairies Trolls Tutorials

Clay "thumb owl" sculptures, 2nd grade

LaPella Art great ceramics and these would make a good project for mid elementary to middle school kids.

Art at Becker Middle School

class project

fun coil project with a flare

Clay shoes-so cool!

These are great! This is from a middle school blog from Hawaii

The Best Art Teacher Blogs: Inspiration for High School Students... Giant portraits would be so awesome!

Big Sur Stoneware Bowls

Summer easy clay projects