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  • Angela Sumnlers

    "FALSE. Love is the hardest, longest-suffering, and most ordinary part of life for a Christian. A marriage of 60 years is not sustained by wild, passionate love. It is built on a quite, committed, humble love that is renewed every morning by the One who loved us first. It is at work in the ordinary, the unlovable, the mundane - and that is why it is beautiful." What the previous Pinner stated is so true and so very correct. Mad passion is lust. Lust can either lead to nothing or it can lead to love. For me it lead to love. Love kept me waiting for 5 years before he officially asked me to marry him. We got married and here we are still married and still together. I in love with him and he in love with me. I can only pray we will be this way until death do we part and beyond.

  • Monica Workman

    One of my favorite quotes BC its so true. Life is precious you only live it once so why not be with the one you couldn't imagine life without. Someone who makes each day worth living.

  • Kristen Kuzdub

    Truth, I wish more would consider this in life.

  • Luis Alberto

    Love Life #Passion #Inspirational #Quote

  • Kristin B
    Kristin B • 2 years ago

    @Brigid S, you put it perfectly!!!! Im still in the early stages of marriage, but can totally relate to the "hills and valleys!" I wish more people were honest about the work that it takes to make a relationship last. BUT IT'S WORTH IT!!! :) True love is a choice you make everyday... the passion will ebb and flow... But abiding love is WORTH IT! :)

  • Brigid S
    Brigid S • 2 years ago

    Kristin B, I wish you all the best! My boyfriend and I (both in our 40s and never been married!) are talking about getting engaged, and we have some wonderful examples of people who put in the hard work to make their marriages work. At this stage, we are discussing our hopes, fears, differences, strengths, weaknesses, and anything else that will surface once the honeymoon ends. Nothing in this earthly life is guaranteed, but he and I are certain that if we bring God with us wherever we go, our chances increase a thousandfold! :)

  • Hollie Fair
    Hollie Fair • 2 years ago

    I really didn't know what love truly meant, until I got divorced and found what it means to have true love for someone, and all the passion, understanding and sacrifice, it takes to hang in there, and not to give up when things get tough. And most of all you need to start a marriage knowing you have a deep bond, connection with that partner. Before you make any decision to marry. I didn't do that in my first marriage, we rushed things and got in and over our heads, we should have took our time and made sure we were meant for each other. I truly believe my eyes have opened to a new outlook on what it takes to make a relationship last. I know that my second time around will be what I knew i needed in the First Place! I truly believe that if I have my Heavenly Father to guide me He'll show me the way to the man I'm truly promised to!

  • Lacey C.
    Lacey C. • 2 years ago

    True soul love will survive any pain and trial. You have to decide if it's worth it. You have to have plans for the future, even when together a long time and say "I love you" each day. Never let go of the romance that brought you together and constantly look for new ways to show your love and passion. Love enough to forgive each other and to ask forgiveness when you do wrong. Have God center in your life. Laugh! Hug! Whisper "sweet nothings" in each other's ears...every day! My husband and I do, years after we said "I do".

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