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Love this - in memory of my parents. Charles and Virginia..... My brother.. Ronald...... Nephew.... Capt. Kyle Comfort.....

Miss you Tracy and baby Deja.

Things Our Mothers Taught Us - And we swore we would never say...

I have to change this. I told my mom she way right at 18 1/2 and I already want to go back to Momma's house. And they thing I've been scared of the most my whole life is losing my momma. I love you, Momma. I need you more than I let on, I'm sure you know though.

A Parents Promise - Design by Joel Felix

True of all parenting, sometimes it's easy to forget. I'm not a grandparent yet but I'm sure there will be moments just like I sometimes thought in wonder goodness I sound just like my mother there will be moments I see my daughter as a Mum & think goodness she sounds just like me. So yes lets set a good example.

I have realized this so much over the past year! We have been through so much Mom that I sometimes wonder how we have done it, but we had each other! We are such strong people and we only grow stronger and better each and everyday! Without you I would not be alive today, you are the best Mom EVER!

''All that I am or hope to be, I owe to my mother.'' I have the best mom.

I can only hope that someday my daughter and I can have the same relationship that I'm so blessed to have with my mom. #BestFriends I would do anything for my mom, love her more than anything.

Memory board for loved ones who've passed on... should re-do one for all the other's in each of our families that would have loved to come, but can't due to God needing them & being called home to watch over and protect us.

Oh yes. I don't understand women who say "I don't have to work, I tried staying home, but it was boring". I never could figure out, cooking, baking, cleaning, running errands, being there for your children when they came home from school, visiting and helping out at the schools, etc. etc. I guess to some caring for family and the house they live in, can be boring. Poor souls!