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Probably one of the greatest quotes from a TV show ever. Just because I teach kindergarten doesn't mean I'm not a tough one!

TV Quote - 'New Girl' / Zooey Deschanel / I brake for birds, I rock a lot of polka dots, I have touched glitter in the last 24 hours. and that doesn't mean I'm not tough and strong.

love schmidt, he's the best character on tv!

Pretty sure I said that to someone the other day. You used conditioner as shampoo? It's for moisture, Nick, not for cleaning! I can't believe we're friends!

When you get your braces off

Oh my gosh! I love this movie! There will be so much more room for activities! I love the bunk bed part of that movie!

Sarah recently tweeted a linked titled "21 Secrets for Your 20s" from AllGrownUp.com (you can read Sarah's blog here). Granted I'm almost out of my 20s, but I still found it really interesting (and...

21 Secrets for Your 20s

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i've always wanted to try something like this. maybe i'll teach a shawn hunter someday lol ♥ Boy Meets World

<3 Louis

The Complete "Zoog Disney" Lineup

New Girl (TV Show)

My new favorite show this season is. The New Girl . It is totally random, and Zooey Deschanel is laugh out loud funny -.

Ranjith Kamath's Thoughts: HIMYM "How I Meet Your Mother" - Barney Stinson

It’s gonna be LEGEND wait for it& I hope you’re not lactose intolerant because the second half of that word is DAIRY. LOVE this show & Barney!

This is the story of my life, I suffer from hypochondria! I self diagnosed myself at 8. Lol

Do you ever get scared?

The Switch. I love this movie. Cutest kid ever. Jason Bateman isn't too bad either.

Best quote from We Bought a Zoo.

"All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage. Literally, 20 seconds of embarrassing bravery, and I promise you, something great will happen." - We Bought A Zoo

The Big Bang Theory

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Big Bang Theory, cliche, comedy by numbers dross. Every time I watch this I feel like setting myself on fire and throwing excrement at the TV. Which Ironically I'd rather watch.

Though they weren't my favourite couple... It still makes me sad :( WHY... WHY?!?! Why did he have to leave.. :(

"I would never be happy with anyone else as long as you walked the earth" best quote ever. And know he doesn't walk the Earth. It makes this quote that much more beautiful.

Some days

I feel like I wanna mutder someone and now also I want soft pretzels. - Jess, New Girl. PMS has never been described so perfectly.

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20 New Girl Quotes That Accurately Sum Up Your Everyday Life

New Girl! (Hey girl what you doing? hey girl where you going? who's that girl? who's that girl? who's that girl? who's that girl? is Jess!