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maxshimasu: Whittled away by the erosion of light, I am a being of white hope and charm. I am every sound of thunder that screams exile. Kim Hye Soo. Photo by Kang Young-ho

Amara (Torrey's pretty elf) Kingdom Age - Elf by dustsplat.deviant... on @deviantART

❄A MidWinter's Night's Dream❄... By Artist Unknown...

snowy day By elena {pretty light} via creature comforts faves

Besides the woman and her children at the ocean, Evey had never seen another person who looked like her. This woman seemed to understand Evey, even more than she understood herself. It was a shame to meet under such circumstances.

Some significant design alteration, for my tastes, but the basic structure means is intriguing.

snow fairy - maybe nix the wings, but what to do if sun is shining through. More organic feel to the snow.

snow queen makeup by jolene

This would be a great idea for Senior picts for a graduating Ballerina!

The Snow Queen ~ illustration by Margaret Tarrant christmas boy snow sled art horse fairy