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Did you know that Ravens not only remember people who help them, but also that they tell their friends about the kindness? In field studies,.

I'm not usually a fan of albino creatures, but the hummingbird and lion are beautiful. And I've never seen a white ladybug...

17 Rare Albino Animals

The horse.is not Albino. Horses cannot be albino. There is this little thing called the LETHAL WHITE SYNDROME where all albino horses die within hours because they have a nonfunctioning colon! The horse in this picture is CREMELLO

"recently i learned that crows and ravens have a baffling habit of sneaking up on other animals and pulling on their tails.         The behavior seems to be relatively universal among various species of crows and ravens across the world.      They seem to do it with anything they can find that has a tail, ranging from something as small and harmless as squirrels to something as large and deadly as eagles"

This is just funny, the eagle is completely indifferent. Crows and Ravens have a habit of pulling tails. of any and all sorts.

17 Rare White & Albino Animals. The albinism shows in the ones that do not have pink eyes (which are in fact albino).

17 Rare Albino Animals

Funny pictures about 17 Rare Albino Animals. Oh, and cool pics about 17 Rare Albino Animals. Also, 17 Rare Albino Animals photos.

smiles are infectious

Animals can smile too, and looks very funny while laugh. Take a look at these funny animal pictures that will amaze you with their laughing faces.