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breaking up

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When you meet someone and they look perfect but you still get that shaddy vibe, trust your instincts, they are almost always correct!

Omg.... This is so pathetic but so true ... The thing that stinks is when it's true love you can't get over him.. He's always going to be in your heart... True love that once in a lifetime love if your lucky ...

Something to remember

choose to accept or walk away - always keep YOU in mind. don't compromise your self worth.

Definitely true - I feel that the things I want to say contradicts with the way I want to treat others because I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings

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Heart Break: a crushing blow that comes without notice and changes 'you' forever! The healing from this type of 'deep wound' is only found when we experience an intimate relationship with God. HIS love and grace for each of us has the power to heal the 'brokenness' in us and our lives. HE loves us and desires for us to be healthy and HIM.

Sad, but true.

Heartbreak.It's probably one of the most painful things a person has to go through. Not going to lie. When you get your heart broken, it feels like it shattered in a million pieces. It hurts a lot, emotionally and physically. Getting your heart broken actually makes your heart physically hurt. You wish it was just a temporary nightmare. The sad truth? It's reality. And you're going to have to accept it, the pain and all.

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.overwhelming, but true.