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Highlighting and contouring guide for your face shape! It really makes a difference!

Fill in those brows!! It will totally transform your face for the better! know how to do it right

Shape Matters: Know the basics of perfect contouring in just 60 seconds, from Smashbox Lead Artist Lori Davis.

Order Of Application

looks intimidating but trust this.think of your face as a plain. highlights are bright and are the hills whereas countours are dark and are the valleys. use bronzer or darker eyeshadows (in the crease) to create depth or contour, and use illuminators, highlighting pencils, etc. to brighten up the face for the highlight areas. it will make a huge difference. :D

Are you having trouble learning to slim your face? Learn contouring skills using makeup with these quick and easy tips for contouring. You wont regret it!

How to highlight and contour

Eyebrow Shaping & Grooming Tutorial...because some people just don't know.

Blush, highly and contouring

DIY Makeup Tutorials! Contouring 101 |

contour contour ...

contouring: what every girl needs to know!

natural contouring face chart

Contour & Highlight Face, Cheeks, Nose, and Eyes

The girls guide to great make up!

How to contour your face with makeup.


dual bronzer - contour with the dark shade - highlight with the light shade ! like a pro!