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    OMG! This water makes my face funny!

    So true - vet school :) It's only funny because I was just talking to a vet student about this.

    Had an er doctor tell me once that he felt pre vet students were so much more prepared because it was so hard to get into vet school

    Life cycle of a vet student - parasite style!

    15 reasons why (not) to date a vet

    When non-vet students moan that they have so much work to do

    Learning directional terminology on a 3 dimensional model. That's what freshman are for. - Wamogo FFA

    Sincerely your local vet tech students/animal lovers! You're welcome idiots.

    How to travel the world as a vet student.

    Cranial Cruciate Ligament Disease is very common in dogs. Read more about TPLO surgery.

    TOTALLY FREE- Hoof Explorer program a great tool for equine practitioners and veterinary students alike! With more than 150 anatomical structures the Hoof Explorer gives you a more complete understanding of the horse hoof.

    Some rescued bunnies getting a little TLC from the Loop Abroad College Vet students.

    My mom is a vet student...this is what happens

    I can't keep calm- I'm a vet student

    What a life to look forward too...

    Mute swan (Cygnus olor) wearing a 'swan shoe'. A triangular plastic board is strapped to the plantar surface of the swan's heavily padded foot. This keeps the toes spread out and splints the whole foot. It is indicated for fractures of the phalanges and injuries of the foot.

    Most likely going to be true! LOL Ross University. :)

    Murdoch Vet Students go on an excursion to Africa.

    vet student lab

    Good Moo-ning placement wake-up call!

    textbooks y u no have ctrl f

    Pets in hot weather!

    Ace inhibitors

    Dexdomitor deficiency :P