to "ignore" is not an option.

bradley cooper casual looking suit with red bow tie! hot and cute!

Yes you can. lol

Oh so true! Why does Rachel McAdams always have to be so stupid! lol First Noah and now Channing Tatum

mmmm :)

HAHAHA....@Leah McDonald do you have one of those?? if not, I bet you want one now! LOL


hahaha, the girl cracks me up!


Hey Girl ... Ryan Gosling - Internet drama, friends fighting

I wish!

oh, ryan.

And God said..."this shit is cray" LOL! Hmm ... I think I missed that one ... ;)

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True story.


I'm doing this...pretty much the next time anyone male sneezes. Too impatient to wait for a hot guy to sneeze. It'll make someone's day better.

Thatta girl!